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The Club Richelieu États-Unis is proud to sponsor its 26th annual oratory contest, an annual French oratory competition to encourage high school students to develop their ability to speak French in a public setting.

The 2024 contest is entitled «Où allez-vous?» and the subject is: «Si on vous en donné le choix, dans quel pays francophone aimeriez-vous passer une année d’étude? Expliquez votre choix.»

Three levels of competition:

  • High School

  • State – (1) $400 scholarship top prize, (2) $200 runner-up

  • Regional - TBD

The contest is recommended for Advanced Placement (AP) class students but is open to all. Participating schools should complete their competitions in January and report the winner to their local chapters by January 31, 2024.


Local Club Richelieu competitions will be in February, with the first-place winner of those qualifying to participate in the Regional finals on Saturday, March 16, 2024, in Salem, Massachusetts.  


 Le Concours Oratoire «Où allez-vous»: Rules and Guidelines   

  • An oral presentation (four to six minutes) is to be given by the student. (Students may use note cards but should not simply read an essay.)

  • Entrees will be evaluated on pronunciation, delivery, elocution, and originality of their presentation.

  • Students should provide four printed copies of the presentation at the time of the Rhode Island contest.

  • The language department teachers, using their selection method, will identify a winner. (No ties, please.)

  • Each High School will provide the name of their winning participant (1 for each school) and the accompanying teacher to the Richelieu Club of Rhode Island no later than February 7, 2024 

  • Each contestant and their respective teacher or parent will be the Richelieu Club guests in February and March. Contestants may invite other guests to attend the dinner at their own expense. There are no fees for participating in the contest.

  • Students are ineligible if they are foreign-born nationals living in the U.S. and participating in an exchange program.

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